Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I feel all warm and fuzzy inside...

Thank you all for the emails and comments. You all have no idea how comforting it was to read them. I feel sort of guilty because I didn’t intend to sound so needy.

Though, maybe you all do understand about feeling cut off. And funny as writers, you’d think we want to be out there to see people. Interact with others to help us understand human nature at the very least. But I know a lot of writers who feel uncomfortable in large crowds.

Yes, I know we must spend time alone to write. Even if we’re in Word Wars using chat or any other IM program, in the end it’s us--alone at our keyboards with just our words and characters to keep us sane. I suppose it’s actually easy for us to get lost in our imaginations. And I wonder if that’s why we’re also prone to depression.


  1. Hi Maripat! Glad you decided to rejoin the human race.

    I can't spend much time on the pc anymore, but I've always kept your blogs on my reader. Thanks for posting your new address.

    Hope you and yours are doing well.


  2. Thanks, Maria. It feels good to be back. At least this is a start.