Monday, September 21, 2009

I’ve turned into a hermit-HELP

Over the weekend, a friend of mine went to a conference and after speaking with agents, she has requests for a full and a partial on different books. And that is fantastic news. I’m absolutely thrilled for her because I’ve exchanged critiques on everything from novels to queries over the years. That also means a lot of work for her. Getting the requests ready, working with her crit group, giving a class on Forward Motion--plus she volunteered to crit Brooklyn for me. Now, I’m the type of person that hates to overburden a friend, especially when they have something important to do. My first thought was to pull Brooklyn from her list of to-do things.

Then it hit me, who else do I have to exchange critiques with? Somewhere over the last year, I seem to have misplaced my friends online. Even worse, my real life friends seem to have slipped off my friend train somewhere. And I feel awful about this. Can you tell I’m rattled by this discovery?

Yes, I do realize there have been reasons why I’ve been insulating myself. Real life worries. And writing seems to be my best and only comfort. This doesn’t say much about me that my best friend is an imaginary one.

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