Friday, October 16, 2009

Simple Lessons

Last night the kids and I went to see Paranormal Activity. For me there was one major drawback, the movement of the camera made me nauseas. I had a serious, “oh my gawd, don’t let me throw up here in the movie theatre,” moment.

I did like the movie though. I mean, I wasn’t as swept up in it as some moviegoers. The taste of dinner burning in the back of my throat sort of killed some of the fun.

I won’t spoil the movie for anyone, but it was a simple storyline. Think the original Blair Witch project. No complex reasoning as to why this woman was haunted. And that’s okay. Horror doesn’t need all that closure, and I think that’s what adds to the thrill of watching movies like that. Sometimes you just want to see if they survive, and if not, how they died. I think these characters also struck a nerve with folks. How many of us have woken up in the middle of the night and sat up trying to figure out what pulled us from sleep. Or that creepy feeling you sometimes get when you’re alone in the house.

I’m not so sure if this movie will appeal to adults as much as it does to teens and college age. (I’m a horror/thriller fan. Always have been.) What does amaze me is how this movie blew up, going from a few theatres in college towns to a nationwide opening. They gave a fan base what they wanted. More importantly, we can’t ignore the power of word of mouth that spread like fire with the help of the internet and Twitter. I hope we all have books that get this much coverage.

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