Friday, November 6, 2009

Bed Rest

I leaned over to remove a memory card from my pc. I knew I shouldn't be straining but it was only going to be for a minute. Then I sneezed...

So my stubbornness has left me relaxing yesterday and probably today. I need to ask my son nicely if he'll move my laptop closer to me.

Good luck with the writing!


  1. You poor thing! Get some rest. No Nano for you.

  2. Oh no!! Man oh man, that would be some kind of pain. Get well soon. Keep resting...dreaming your book.

    Thanks on the character (Mist) is in a hospital bed right now, feet badly injured, covered in rose thorns.

  3. Thanks! It was stupid what I did. I should be more careful. My doctor is probably going horse from lecturing me.

    Poor Mist. Laid up in a hospital bed...?

    You go, Deb.