Thursday, November 5, 2009

Crossing Bridges

You're going along just fine when out of nowhere comes this surprise....

My first thought, who in their right mind would put a bridge like this out on my path?

I mean, does have a certain rustic charm. Very rustic. And yes, I'm sure some ranger comes out this way to check the trails. Right?

And though I saw a man turn around instead of crossing it, I couldn't just head back. I was sort of invested at this point. Yes, it was old. The bridge was not exactly in the most travled area of the park either. Did I mention it creaked a lot? The planks gave out some as I walked out on it. Sadly, a good bit of the park itself felt neglected and uncared for.

Maybe because of all those things, I felt I had to cross it to see what was on the other side. To see what critter, real or imaginary, lived among gloom of the tree branches and sang that sorrowful song. To walk a little further in the shadows to maybe find only darkness...or maybe a beautiful field right past the foiloage.

Would you cross the bridge with me? Would you walk into the shadows?
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  1. Yes, yes I would...heh, maybe two days ago I would have protested, saying "But look! Over there. We can see exactly where we're going, and it's the route we picked so we should stick with it."

    My characters would have said the same thing--they didn't want to go into the shadows, poor things.

  2. How did I miss this? Bad me.

    Knowing you, Deb you probably dragged them kicking and screaming across the bridge.

    Wait...wait...sorry, I wasn't going to pick on you today.