Monday, November 2, 2009

Dancing with purple hair

Some days you have to step off from your safety zone. Walk away from the normal and embrace the wild in order to find out who you really are. Sure it might turn out to be a disaster. I have had plenty of catastrophes and some near tragedy, but life needs to be about chances. Anything that's too easy with no fear involved isn't really much of a reward.

Remember that as your typing away on your manuscripts. There will be some people that feel threatened or uncomfortable by what you're trying to do. They probably don't mean to sound callous or disparaging, but it sometimes comes across like that. Don't get upset with them. They're just in awe by your courage.

Today let loose, dance--and let your creative spirit go crazy.
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  1. Love that picture! Is it someone you know?

    I had purple hair for a while when I was a teenager. I had streaks and used purple mousse. It was supposed to be temporary, but alas, because my hair was streaked, it stayed pink for quiiiiite a!

  2. HAH! Great post, and I will take your advice. Hope your plugging along, dancing, being crazy, too. Onward with Nano.....!

  3. << Love that picture >>

    Thank you.

    << Is it someone you know? >>

    That would be my girl at homecoming. She likes to make a statement.

    She's had her hair color just about every color you can imagine. There was one time when I was in high school I put red sparkles in my hair for spirit day--and my hair turned red. It actually looked pretty good.

    Hm...might have to go red.

  4. Thanks, Deb. Yes, we all need to go dancing and letting the muse off the lead. It's scary to think what my muse would get in to.