Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's Sunday....

And that means character chat day! Phobias of spiders getting in the way? Is your female lead suddenly ignoring her faery love interest to flirt with the werewolf? Has your bad guy suddenly announced he wants to leave to join the Peace Corp? It is time to get to the bottom of these midbehaving drama queens by sitting down and chatting with them.

Have fun!


  1. Oh! This is perfect! Another chat with Melissa and Ryan today...I do not know nearly enough about them. Although, have determined Melissa is a science geek (not the literary diva I initially thought) turned fairie dreamer and Ryan, her brother, adores her. A chat with both is a good to shopping a bit, so will chat with them in my head. Hopefully other shoppers will not notice the weird woman, walking the aisles and talking to people who are not there...

    Have fun chatting with your characters, too!

  2. Alas, I had to put Daniel aside today to work some things out with Brooklyn. But she'd done for the moment. I hope.