Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's that time again!

Sunday is that time to catch up with those wayward characters. Most people choose to chat with their main good guys...but when was the last time you invited the antagonist to breakfast? Never? Oh time to change that up. Give them a hug and some coffee.

Have fun!


  1. Hey! Hope your Thanksgiving was great, Maripat. Thanks as always for the Sunday chat reminder. I am thinking of a few antagonists I could talk with...hmmm, from different books, but what would it be like to have them all in the same room, how would they talk to each other, would they talk to each other...what would they do if I did offer a hug and a coffee?

  2. All those poor misunderstood bad guys in one room...they could exchange notes on how to be a better person. Or...not.

    Thanksgiving went great. Sadly my Black Friday post (wrapped up my day nicely) was deleted by accident when I was trying to update something. By the time I realized what I had done it was too late to bring it back. My bad.

  3. Glad Thanksgiving was great! And lol on the bad guys in one room...exchanging notes on how to become a better person? Or, getting ideas from each other, the criminals.