Sunday, November 1, 2009

NaNoWriMo Kickoff

Officially I've only done this once. The story was a mess. It needed lots and lots of revising. But I did finish it. So, reason number one to join up for NaNo: Learn to finish what you start. Sometimes this is the hardest lesson for new writers to learn. Don't knock them. We all end up in this predicament from time to time.

This year I won't be officially doing NaNo because I'm continuing on Daniel's story, and I don't know if I have another 50K to write. It's Daniel though so I probably will have that many words if not more. He's not happy to be ignored. In order to regain some sanity in my life--and keep the cranky dead guy from whining--I'm hoping to get a big push in my writing this month. I can hope, right?

For all you NaNo writers, I salute you! Go forth to create chaos and ruin characters' lives!
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  1. LOL!! Love the mug. Oh. My.

    Haven't started my NANO novel yet, but will be. Yes, how deeply darkly fun-ly it is to wreak havoc.....

    Good luck with Daniel!

  2. That mug was my husband's very first Father's Day gift. The boy wasn't even born yet, but I thought my hubby would get a kick out of it.

    Good luck with your writing. Thanks for the strong wishes for Daniel.

  3. Good luck with your story! I'm doing NaNo until I get my ed letter (which will hopefully be soon!)

  4. << Good luck with your story >>

    Thank you, Julia!

    << I'm doing NaNo until I get my ed letter (which will hopefully be soon!) >>

    Oh cool. What are you working on for NaNo? Sequel to your first book? Yes, I am very nosey.

    And good luck with ed letter. I hope it runs smoothly.