Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Sometimes I feel the need to walk through a cemetery like some people have the urge to eat chocolate. Yeah, I know some of you are creeped out by the thought. To me it's a reminder of how brief life can be. Or how loving and full others have spent their days. These glimpses of an existence celebrated into their deaths, always amaze me the most. They are not always the most prominent statue or the grandest mausoleum. The ones I'm talking about are the ones maintained well after the person has been buried. That someone takes the time out of their days to leave fresh flowers or ornaments to share in the holidays with their lost loved one.

I pause at these sites and wonder, who were they? How did they touch someone so deeply? Were they defined by one moment, or a lifetime of moments? Who did they love? More important, who still loved them?
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  1. Oh, Maripat, me too. Sometimes I like to just stand there a listen-hoping maybe I'll hear a whispering of story? There is just "something" about being there, you put it well....

  2. I love old to walk through an old cemetery. To me, some really do have an aura to them.