Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday musings

I was sitting in a full house of moviegoers for New Moon last night, and I was more caught up with the audience’s reactions than the movie. When Jacob yanked off his shirt to help Bella…you could barely hear the actors over the squeals and nervous giggles. (BTW…I don’t think he wore a shirt in the last half of the movie to the joy of most of the girls. Heh.)

The viewers’ excitement was contagious. You could sense the range of emotions when there was a romantic scene between Bella and Edward or Jacob. It sort of reminded me of Paranormal Experience the way the spectators was responding.

It hit me, this was why the fans are so into the Twilight Saga. The author captured the rollercoaster of feelings played out among the three characters and set them to the page in a way that made her readers care. That’s a lesson we all should remember. Beautiful prose is not enough some days. You have to give the characters a soul.

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