Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wrong turns can lead to great finds

During the summer I thought I'd pester my friend,Val, in Canada. Because I've never been to Canada so why not go and visit?

One afternoon we were driving around, trying to kill time. I forget where we were headed to, but we ended up on a wrong road. We had time so we decided to see where it went, and we spotted a sign for picking fruits. Cool...

Next to chocolate on my ultimate list of cravings is fresh fruit. Chocolate AND fresh fruit...?

Following the road we came to this garden and found...

Rows and rows of strawberries in these tier canisters. I mean, wow...I'm in heaven. Just give me the baskets and let me fill them all. Oh yeah, and in the back of this area were blueberries...

Blueberries...happy giggle.

You all just know they had to have a gift house that sells smoothies and desserts. Oh man, I had one of the best blueberry smoothies in my life.

Anyway...by now you're probably wondering why am I babbling about fruit.
When we veer off course, or our plot outline, it can be a good thing.


Sometimes it's our muse trying to get our attention to say, "Dumbo, you're going at this all wrong!"

Okay, most of you all have well mannered muses. Mine is not.

 Point is, sometimes it's all right if you slip off the plot cards. To take that side street and see where it leads. Because sometimes, that bright and shiny plot twist can lead to something totally sweet.

Happy writing!
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  1. That's so cool you got to meet up with Val! I didn't know Val is Canadian! Or maybe I knew, but forgot...that wouldn't surprised me. My brain has a hard time holding too much information. ;)

  2. Yeah, it was cool to finally meet her. She's in a pretty area which was very relaxing. In fact I brought the girl along.

    My brain also tends to forget things lately. Maybe it's purging for the holidays. hehe...

    Good to see you around more, G!