Saturday, December 12, 2009

Musings before I got to sleep

I know it’s late. Okay--for me this is late. See, I normally wake up anywhere between 4 to 7 AM. Normally. There have been exceptions.

Tonight I can’t sleep. This is sooo not a good thing if I’m planning to be up early again, but my mind is whirling. Things like goals that I didn’t meet this year. Brooklyn is my big miss this year. I had hopes to get her out to agents by now. Many things got in the way of that. While some of it was out of my control, the parts I could’ve organized better are what irk me the most. Note to self: I shall stay on task next year. No feeling sorry for myself. that I’ve written, rewritten and erased about a thousand words for this post, I’m thinking it is time for me to try and get back to bed. Night, night.

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