Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sparkly moments

Friday I had an incredible writing day. It was just one scene. Just one. Not the most amazing one or the most crucial, but it sets up the tension for things to come.

You know why I liked it? Because it was a simple set up that came to life. During a time of truce, two old enemies meet in the rain...and things still manage to go wrong. I mean the friction between these two is massive. And the betrayal that Daniel experiences is painful to watch. I swear I didn’t plan for that to happen either.

When the characters just take over--that folks is a rush when it occurs. It is amazing and scary because you’re writing on blind faith that your muse knows what’s going on. Sadly, you can’t plan for these moments. At least I can’t. Days like this are good reminders of what I love about writing.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful moment :). You've got to send out a flag when you post on your blog. I haven't been on my reader forever :p.

  2. Hey Mar--hey did you see? For like the last six weeks I've been posting. Woo Hooo!