Thursday, December 10, 2009

Writing update

The other day I wrote a bittersweet love scene. Makes you laugh one moment, but there's an undertone of sadness. It was touching. So naturally I have to counter with trouble because no character should be that happy. Not acceptable in my world.

Yesterday I had planned to write two scenes--they morphed into four on me. It is nice that I catch common sense problems with the plot now instead of waiting for like revisions, but I would really like to get this draft done. I think I have 14 scenes left to write. I have been wrong in my count in the past soooooo...I might be wrong again.

Go forth and hurt some characters today. Enjoy!


  1. I hope that your scene writing goes well Maripat. :)

  2. Thanks, Jamie. Yup...13 scenes to go. I ended up running around with the boy yesterday for Christmas shopping. So, yes, I'm stll holding at 13.