Monday, January 25, 2010

Into the twilight zone

This has been a bizarre Monday. Mondays in general are normally annoying but today hit the weird level. It started with the Chihuahua. The evil critter climbed on my pillow and licked me on my lips.


Next, my girl was up and ready for school 36 minutes before she had to catch the bus. This was a first. And after preparing her breakfast, she asked me: “ ever wish you had a more normal daughter?”

Me: Double checking the clock. “No.” Pause. Because at this point I’m sure there’s more to this. “Why?”

Girl:" I was just wondering if you wanted someone who didn’t search the web for hours looking up how to make dread falls."

Me: "You planning to infiltrate the honor’s society to overthrow it?"

A few hours later my boy comes downstairs and says: "I’m hungry. Want me to make macaroni for us?"

Me: "Us?"

Boy: "Can’t I be nice?"

The pod people have landed...just thought I’d warn you all.


  1. She is very funny.

    So sorry I didn't see this sooner. My alerts are still not working right. As you can tell.