Saturday, January 9, 2010

Midnight ramblings (okay, yes, it’s actually almost afternoon.)

So for the last few nights coyotes have serenaded me. Those things are soooo creepy. If you’ve ever heard them, you will never forget them. Their high pitch cackles...shiver. And my muse gets to work overtime. Maybe it was lack of sleep or the late hours, but I came up some pretty cool blurbs.

This turned out to be a full week with the kids between a crisis and truck repairs. There’s no way my neighbors missed my boy coming or going with how squeaky it became. Revising Brooklyn has taken priority for the week. There’s also the reading I need to get done before Wednesday of next week. Argh...I need more time!

Maybe the timing isn’t quite right to try this, but I’m experimenting with a new way to revise a novel. I’ll let you know how well it works in a few weeks. Some folks I know are sticklers for staying with what they know. Me? Personally, I don’t mind experimenting. Stagnation is evil. Evil, I say.

I hope you all have been keeping busy.

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