Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meet Pete

This is Pete. Pete, meet the world.

He's shy. Normally a downer. Really, he always looks depressed. Even when he plays, he looks mellow. But he's a good dog. Come on, he let me put a bow on him last Christmas.

Poor Pete needs to have surgery today. The vet found a couple of lumps. Probably nothing...but....

I know. It probably sounds silly to get so worked up about a dog but he's like one of the kids. Oh man, some days he's nicer than the kids. I'm joking.

I hope you all have had a very productive week. I have been working this week on Brooklyn because my goal is to get her cleaned up enough to send her querying this year. I'm realizing I've got work cut out for me. So being able to find these problems is a good thing, right?
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  1. Poor Pete!

    We are old veterans of lumps at our house. If they're soft lumps, they're usually just fatty tumors and benign. Hard lumps can be cancerous, but we beat cancer twice with our dogs. So I remain hopeful.

    Good luck, Maripat.

  2. Thank you, Maria. Pete's doing excellent. One lump was soft, but the other grew very quickly which alarmed the vet. I haven't heard anything yet.