Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This sums up my weekend

The boy will be fine. The truck?

Sigh...2001. The body work is going to exceed the worth of the vehicle. I liked this truck. This was my husband's baby.

The final kicker to this weekend? My son's truck has a motor that's dying in it.

Soooo...I might be busy this week.
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  1. Bummer. I'm sorry about the cars, but very glad everyone's okay.

  2. Thanks, David. And yes, we are very, very glad he'll be fine and no one else was involved. That was the big thing. Trucks and cars can be replaced.

  3. Oh! That hurts just looking at it. Glad your son is okay.

  4. Oh no :( what a pain. Glad everyone's ok!

  5. Ouch for the car, but thank goodness the boy is not injured. The universe sure chose this week to pick on you :(. Hugs to all of you guys.

  6. Oh my goodness...thank goodness your son is okay! (((((hugs)))))