Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You ever stop and think about revisions?

What I’m getting at is we read all these how-to books on writing, characterization, dialogue, plotting--how to do everything including how to blog. But you know, I never really thought that much about revisions. Writing can be messy and fun. Revisions are much more thought provoking. Obsessing...? I’m not talking about the proper word choices for descriptions, or if you need to use a dialogue tag or not. Those are little things and often subjective. I’m talking about the OMG, what was thinking when I wrote this scene? Writing is almost like sex. Revisions are more like giving birth.

Just thought I’d share that strange and bizarre thought. I’m rambling here.


  1. I so hear you! I've had revision revelations this week, too.

  2. I'm trying to do revisions right now, a different beast for sure than writing a draft.

    The sex/birth analogy is good one. (grin)

  3. Hey Dawn, good luck with the revisions. I've been watching your blog updates.

    Claire, the daughter of a friend is expecting her first baby and she's been commenting about wishing the baby would come out already. Brought back my own memories. The boy was an easy delivery. The girl? Twenty-four hours of labor with horrible-ripping my insides out-type of pain. Um, yeah...I won't be sharing that memory with the new mom.

    I am feeling this revision process is almost like creating a new story. Right now I have a lot of great ideas. Now if I can only pull them off.