Saturday, May 1, 2010

Starting the month off with a new look

Yeah....don't know why but I had the urge to play today on my blog. I wanted something...simplier. Not sure if I'll keep this or not.

Speaking of changes, did anyone watch the new episode of Doctor Who? New actor. New rainbow colored Daleks. Yes, rainbow assortment. They reminded my boy of the Power Rangers. I can't say I'm loving this season, but I'll give it more chances.


  1. I like the look of your new layout. With blogs I like ones that leave enough room for the entries, instead of having them squished between two columns worth of widgets.

    I'm enjoying the new Doctor Who season, and am waiting to see how it compares to the previous seasons. The colorful Daleks are a bit weird, they remind me of skittles for some reason. Somehow making them all colorful takes away from their scary factor. But at least the angel statues will make up for that, they are pretty creepy.

  2. The first episode of the season I liked. There is just something about this new Doctor. To me this he seems angry to me. That, and I didn't care for the planes in space in last night's show. Just didn't feel right to me.

    Now if the Daleks were black enamel...

    And yes, I am looking forward to next week's show with the angels and the return of that character from the library episode. I think the character was Dr. River Snow.

    Um, yeah, I watch too much Doctor Who. I was a huge Torchwood fan, too.