Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Home again

And with oodles of dirty laundry. How do these dirty socks multiply sooooo fast?

As funeral services go, this one was beautiful. It captured Uncle Jim's humor, illustrated his love for life and for those around him. He was a anazing man. The world feels a little emptier without him.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Leaving for a few days

We've had a death in the family and have to take off for a bit.

And as a sidenote to the flurry of travel plans, US Airways is annoying to deal with. They are going to nickle and dime me to death.

AND...why would any family member drunk dial me in order to ask if I'd drive to Florida to pick them up and take them to Pennsylvania?  I need to be meaner so no one mistakes me for being a sucker.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Learning to let go...

Yes, the day finally arrived for my boy to head off to the military. I swore I wouldn't get teary eyed in front of him. And I didn't. Sniffling in the bathroom does not count because no one saw me.

The thing that does surprise me is the growing emptiness in my home. It's like a little bit of the home's soul is being ripped away when a person leaves. Yeah...I realize that might be a bit over the top, but it's how it feels some days.

And yes, I know too well that this sadness will fade as I form a new daily routine. But for today, it kinda smarts to have to say good-bye to the boy.
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Meet Rex

Rex would be my new pc. A present from my hubby. My old computer had an emotional breakdown from too many outdated games being loaded on it. My boy thought I was kidding when I told him no Doom on my tower.

My guy is home on vacation. And he is the shiz when it comes to retrieving information, so nothing lost. As for Windows 7, I like it.

Best of all, it feels good to be back online.

P.S. As for my old pc, it's going to be used as a spare for my girl to do her homework on and edit photos. And no games will ever be loaded on Rex. Except for World of Warcraft. Because, you know, it's WoW.
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