Monday, June 14, 2010

Meet Rex

Rex would be my new pc. A present from my hubby. My old computer had an emotional breakdown from too many outdated games being loaded on it. My boy thought I was kidding when I told him no Doom on my tower.

My guy is home on vacation. And he is the shiz when it comes to retrieving information, so nothing lost. As for Windows 7, I like it.

Best of all, it feels good to be back online.

P.S. As for my old pc, it's going to be used as a spare for my girl to do her homework on and edit photos. And no games will ever be loaded on Rex. Except for World of Warcraft. Because, you know, it's WoW.
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  1. Congrats on your new PC! And of course on WoW! I don't play, but the hub does. I like to watch, those graphics are amazing.

  2. Thanks. Rex is an amazing computer to play WoW on. Fantastic graphics. I don't play as often as my husband and boy. They maxed out their characters. I have a lonely level 43.

    I still have to get use to the new keyboard. it feels odd. And smaller. I'm constantly over reaching the keys.