Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Birthday

I went and celebrated my birthday early by going to the Denver Art Museum. (Because I know if I waited and went on my birthday, disaster would strike. It did. And it included puking. Not pretty.)


The King Tut exhibit was there. I had seen it once before in Pennsylvania, and it is still amazing the second time around.

My girl and I were in luck to see the photography display. I love black and whites. To me, you don’t get overwhelmed by the blast of colors and fancy editing software. I’m not dissing on the graphic designers here. There is just something so beautiful about someone taking the time to develop these shots. And there were a couple of incredible old style overlays. (Two photos seamlessly merged to create something wonderful.) I would share but you know…copyright laws.

I don’t go to museums for inspiration. I’ve yet to see a story in any bit of artwork. Music is where my muse takes off and starts rambling ideas like a hyperactive kid on a candy rush. Still, I find going to art museums a nice recharge for my spirit.

I have one itsy, bitsy confession to make. There are times I just don’t get some of the newer abstract art pieces.


  1. Happy birthday, Maripat. :o)

    (hope the puke wasn't yours.)

  2. Thanks, Maria. And yeah, it was me.