Monday, July 12, 2010

Hellooo Monday

Time to get back to work. Real work. No more dabbling an hour here or maybe I’d spend two hours at night at the computer. (And one of those hours was likely wasted in surfing the net.)

Yes, time for me to return to a set schedule. Gawd, that almost sounds so grownup of me.

I can’t say there was too much relaxation during my husband’s vacation this time around. On a stress scale of one to ten, I’d probably give it a nine. Now wait, don’t say, “Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that.” At the end of six weeks, after two funerals, another car accident (Not our fault) and a whole a mess of drama….my family and I are all good. Really. We’re great. In fact, at the beginning of August I should be heading out to see the Boy graduate boot camp. Should. There are always things that can go wrong. Life is never what you expect. But, you know, there are some days I wish for some calm. Or maybe to hear some amazing news. Good news would be a fun change.

Anyone want to share some news? Or maybe some horrific vacation plans that went awry? Come on. We can laugh about it.

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