Friday, July 23, 2010

The Most Disgusting Post I Will Ever Write

Dog Pooh. It’s been all about the dog pooh. My oldest has had issues with his bowels. The cocker spaniel. Not the boy.

Vet wants specimen. Ew. But okay. So when does my dog do his business?

1 AM in the morning. All over my kitchen floor.

Dog forgets to sometimes bring the ball back when he’s playing fetch, but the other night he was nice enough to wake me to let me know he made a mess.

And, I can’t use that for his test because the vet clinic doesn’t open until 8 AM. They want FRESH.

Of course, they do.

For hours I stalked him. Waiting. Watching.


Walked him three times around the block.


I walked it down to the vet. Waited an hour for the vet to tell me…

The dog is probably stressed.

HE’S stressed? Really? Really? He sleeps all day!

With ten pounds of special dog food just for him, I head home. (I’m still walking)

And that’s when it started to rain.


  1. Aw hugs. Lots of {{{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}.

  2. (((Hugs)))

    I empathise. Our puppy Elvis is only 7 months old, but he weighs 90lbs+ and has a lot of growing still to do. And when that pup poos, he poos!

  3. :( Sorry you're having such a rotten time. *hugs* It's going to get easier, it will. It has to, right?

  4. Thank you everyone for the virtual hugs. Dawn, yup. It is getting better.

    David: 90 lbs already???? He'll be taking you for a walk instead. His poos are probably bigger than my Miss Kitty. Yikes....