Thursday, November 4, 2010

Roughing it

I once found a cemetery out in the middle of nowhere. I suppose it was somewhere because there were a couple of houses around, but no official town sign. We were driving along looking for a place to turn around when the paved road turned into a dirt path. Not sure if you could call it that because it was more like a set of tire ruts worn into the road.


We found this creepy little graveyard. Mostly overgrown. You'd think I would stay in the truck because I'm sure Colorado has poisonous snakes, but you know, it was a really cool cemetery. And the place gave off the most disturbing feeling. As finds go, this was a keeper. I doubt we'll find it again. But we had great fun in the process of getting lost. We even found a wolf print in the mud right in front of the place.

That's what's kinda cool about NaNo. You can try new things. New genres. New ways to write. Plot. No plot. You can have fun. And you better have fun with it. NaNo is supposed to be FUN. So go ahead. Challenge yourself. Try things. There are no failures.
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