Friday, November 5, 2010


From paperback writer's blog, I learned Blogger put in a stats tab and, wow, don't my stats look depressing. Actually I was pleasantly shocked there were five people still reading this blog this week.

The downside to this? If you're obsessive about your popularity, you now have a whole new tool to increase your anxiety.

Yeah. Not so sure I like the stats page. But I haven't had my morning coffee yet soooo...everything looks sketchy.


  1. I always read via Google Reader so you don't see me...

  2. I check you every time you have a new post show up on my blogroll through my tambowrites blog. :)

    Speaking of which, what happened to the blog-stealing chihuahua? ;)

  3. Ah...okay, Alex.

    And Tammy, she's sunbathing in the backyard. She is such a heat slut.

  4. I started following your blog again recently. I had two Google Reader accounts and was always on the other one, but now I've got all of them under the same one. :)

  5. I must be doing something wrong with my Google Reader because not everyone I follow shows up. Can someone block their blog from showing?

  6. Hey, Maripat!

    I don't think anyone can block their blog from showing in Google Reader. Sometimes you have to click twice to confirm a subscription--could that be the issue? Or perhaps the blogs aren't set up to work with Google Reader?

    Can you see the blogs in question in your Google Reader list?