Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All things change

For those few people in the blog universe that don't know this, my son is home for a visit after being gone for six months. We're both trying to figure out our new relationship. He's no longer the kid I can give orders to. I was more prepared for this adjustment than he was. Okay, on some MOM level I didn't want things to change but, you know, they have to. And honestly, I think he's still trying to figure where he fits in with his old high school friends.

Lives change, People change.

As much as I love new circumstances, I'm also apprehensive to have everything flipped.

Life is about to get interesting. Again.


  1. It does settle in to a new norm, at least it did with us and Laura after she went off to school. The high school friends, though... they're sometimes still a struggle as everyone moves on to their adult (or transitional) lives.

    Hang in there. It'll all be just fine. {{huggs}}

  2. It is rough. I think my girl is having a harder time with it than me.