Monday, January 3, 2011

Let there be BREAD

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For the first time EVER I made bread. Okay, so it might not be that pretty looking but it tasted great. Two loaves made and they're both gone. The darker areas are garlic and butter that browned faster. But I'm still proud.

After having a full house for two weeks, people coming and going, it is odd to have the house to myself this early Monday morning. I still have all the animals home with me and they all have attitudes. Except for the critters moving about and the clock ticking, the house is silent. Peaceful. Suppose it's time for me to get started with work.

Good morning, folks.


  1. Oh my yummy!

    Enjoy the peace, the quiet...the writing!

  2. Looks good to me. I always think bread baking is a good thing.

    Have fun with the writing.

  3. Thanks Erin and Deb. It was actually kinda fun. Shhhh...let's not tell the kids. They think I worked hard on it. I give you props, Erin, for doing this so often. Though I am tempted to try grilled pizza.

    As for the writing, it was a brand new scene and with a new character. I think it came out nicely. But then I might be biased. Hehe.