Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Meeting a new doctor is like ...

Going on a blind date.

Do you bring flowers, candy...stool specimen?

Then you get all those mortifying personal questions. Everything from bowel movements to eating habits.

And this is all before we get to the second date that includes embarrassing tests.

I'm just saying, it's all awkward.
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  1. Oh.

    MAN. Sooo true. And....

    SO glad I didn't have coffee in my mouth. I'd be cleaning my computer screen off. Stool specimen, bwaahahahahahaha!!!!

  2. heh...glad I could make your day.

  3. It is indeed awkward.

    But unlike a blind date, where eventually you get to heavy petting and then real sex, the doctor relationship never gets past a bit of kinky fondling...

  4. Snort. I normally snuck out the back door of my blind dates.

  5. Tell me about it! My primary care physician (whom I thought was great) moved last fall, so I met up with the new guy at my semi-annual appointment in Dec. Then, last week I met with the specialist who did my colonoscopy this morning (talk about kinky stuff -- at least he gave me pictures afterward). Fun stuff -- that's for sure.

  6. Jean, hugs. I hate having to change doctors. You'd think I would've gotten use to it by now, but nooooo. And my girl is no longer easily amused.

  7. This new doctor might turn out to be better for me, but I'm not sure I like him personally as much as the old one. Ah well, things should go better in June on our second meeting. He didn't give me a copy of my lab results, though, and I liked that about the other guy. I guess I'll just have to ask for them. I can't imagine it would be a problem.

  8. It shouldn't be, Jean, they are your results. I've had to ask for results and get a copy of things as well. Rarely does my doctor go over the paper any more even when there is a problem.