Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Piecing a story together

This is going to sound a bit strange but I love to hand piece quilt blocks. There's just something about sewing the tiny stitches and building each line until something really neat appears. Now this is where the strange part comes in, I don't put the blocks together to form a proper quilt. I've never built a quilt.

I'm not sure why. I mean maybe it's just the fact my friends in Germany only had time to show me how to make blocks, but I'm sure that's a cop out.  I know if I looked hard enough I could find a class here in Colorado. But I'm not sure I want to learn.

It might ruin the fun. Or I might get obsessed with the idea it has to be perfect. Yeah, there are some things I do obsess over. Housecleaning is not one of them. But making sauce for macaroni is. I know. There's no reasoning to it.

I tend to wonder if this same process of sewing blocks is why I'm re-writing Brooklyn's story in short blocks. Building each scene part by part in order to give it a twist.  A meaning. A layering to the story.

Or maybe these strange meanderings of quilt blocks and writing is from my muse going through withdrawals from an insufficient amount of coffee.

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  1. My quilt creation process is a lot like my book creation process, sort of a semi random, organically coming together - yet methodical in actually doing the work - to make a scrappy mish mash.

    Sort of.

    lol {{huggs}}

    Get those blocs joined together! :)

  2. A friend bought me this pack of assorted material while I lived in Germany. They were really pretty so she showed me how to cut them and sew them. After much grumbling and poking myself with pins, I did get an assortment of blocs together. One of these days I will get a picture of that, too.

    As you can tell I'm not much of sewer. I used the word block instead of bloc without even thinking.

    And yes, sometimes I just buy the kits that are already precut. My friend might find that cheating.