Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some days I like to mess with my neighbors

Yesterday, it was a total of 5 degrees F out when I went to shovel a path to the house.

I also want to note I was the only person outside in the snow.

I did make a slightly crooked path.

Added lots of salt simply because I hate falling on my butt in front of the neighborhood.

Looked around when I finished and felt something was missing.

First, I tried to make a snowman. Sorry, snowperson.

But that didn't work out so well. Snow kept falling apart.

Next, I thought of a snow angel. I haven't done one of them since I was a kid.

But then I remembered it was only 5 degrees out.

Bad idea to get wet.

It hit me. Smiley face.

Not as easy as it looks on a slight hill.

Several of my neighbors drove by real slow to watch me. One came out of his house to ask if I was doing okay.

You'd think no one ever played in their front yard before.

Yeah, it might've been a little odd, but it made the girl smile when she came home.

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  1. Oh, I love it! The world needs more smiley faces!

  2. Indeed they do because there are waaaay too many anal retentive people in the world.

  3. Snowpeople, snow angels, snow smilies. I love the them all and have fun with them all, despite being over forty. ;)

  4. Thank you, Val, Dawn, Alex and Tammy.

    Alex, not enough people play anymore.

  5. Oh Maripat! I absolutely love that. I'm going outside today to stomp out a clearing for Lucy to be able to potty in a place that's not right up to her butt, and Bonnie told me about your blog. That's brilliant!!! SO MUCH FUN. You made my day, girl.

  6. Chris, I'm glad I could make you smile.