Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sometimes I wish there was a door on my life that says Emergency Exit

Or that I had this key to unlock an escape door.

Nooo...don't panic. I don't mean check out permanently. Just a quick vacation.

Sometimes the universe keeps kicking me down. I will admit I do take a lot and keep it bottled up until it becomes impossible to deal with. At the same time I also tend to wonder, man, am I cursed or what?

But then I get a reality check--and it's sometimes a cruel realization--life is untidy and it's time to deal with it.

Right now, the girl and I are dealing with a lot.

No, I'm not looking for sympathy. Things all happen for a reason even when they're bad, but it's up to me to figure out how to use it for strength, not an excuse to fall into depression.

Um, yeah, I'm babbling here. But you know, if I ever get published and get asked to give a workshop, it won't be how to get published. It'll be how to climb out of the depression. I notice a lot of writes tend to fall into a vicious cycle.

I now resume the strange ramblings that this blog is known for.
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  1. Isn't that some kind of safety violation to lock the emergency escape? :)

    Life isn't easy for anyone, except maybe it could be for the rich and famous, but they tend to throw away the lifeline their money gives them.. at least the ones who show up on the news, do.

    At any rate, life is tough. You're dealing with it. And the "workshop" sounds like a fantastic plan. ;D

  2. Indeed, most conferences don't cover it. Heh.