Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good Morning!!

Good morning. I've been up since three so for me this is like midmorning.

What is it about me and the month of February?

Things sort of always fall apart.

I mean, sure it might have something to do with the big plans for the year. Those pesky new year's resolutions. But I didn't have many.

Could it be that I just had some high hopes for personal stuff this year?

Not sure. But I do know I have an annoyed muse that really, really wants to write on new character that doesn't want to stay quiet. Normally a gag might work. Or the threat of deleting a folder. But Winston is just too crazy to understand. He'd keep whispering in my ear regardless.

Hope you all have a great Thursday.
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  1. I hope you and Winston get to hang out together soon. :)

  2. Next week is a plotting class. So yeah, we'll have together time.