Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Monday Morning

I know it's a Monday morning because:

I woke up late.

Dog got excited and peed on me.

The girl's alarm clock never went off.

Girl couldn't find her homework. Her backpack. Her medicine.

Posted by PicasaDogs tripped me as I was going up the stairs with laundry.

But, I kept my sense of humor and drank two cups of coffee. Yay, me.


  1. Ouch, what a way to start the week. Mine is about the same so far, except that it includes freezing rain and lacks teenagers...

  2. Yikes! Okay..._really_ a happy Monday from here on in.......!

  3. Bonnie--hugs. Freezing rain is worse than snow. Yuck.

    Deb...hey it's the last day of Feb. Here's hoping March gets better.

    Thanks you two!