Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It gets really dark out there some days

We all have dreams. Some are closer to getting them to come true, while others have a ways to go. No matter where we are in the journey, we all have these close calls. So close that we can touch them. See them. Feel them. We're about to get everything we ever wanted.


Whack. Gone. You lose.

It sucks. It's painful. It's the soul-sucking-black pit of doom.

It's okay to feel lost. Cry. Pray. Go for a whatever it takes to get ready to go again. Okay, anything that's NOT self-destructive.

Dreams aren't lost. The only way you ever lose your way and your dreams is if you never try again. Yeah, I know it sounds like a Hallmark card. But it's true.

To my friends who feel like they've been kicked in the gut one too many times, you can get through this. WE can make it.
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