Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hiatus over

Not that most folks noticed me gone with how sporadic my posts have become but still I though I'd mention I'm online.

I had this witty post I wanted to write up this morning, but my oldest dog--who has recently gone blind--decided to leave me a surprise. In my bedroom. Funny how my dog can make his way all the way upstairs to do this mess instead of getting the attention of my girl who was sitting downstairs with him. Oddly the need to steam clean at five in the morning motivates me faster than a coffee rush.

I think I'm off to go exploring today. Have a good day all and try to do something totally out of the ordinary.


  1. Ahem. Those surprises are just not as pleasant as one would hope.

    Since I now have the elderly dog in the house, I'm cleaning up more of those now. I'm getting better at listening for her to be up and about. Since she sleeps most of the time, if she's active, it generally means she needs to be taken outside.

    Welcome back.

  2. Glad you're back! And I'm thankful you have a steam cleaner. Some of us are stuck with spray cleaner and scrubby sponges. ;)


  3. Welcome back. Sorry you had such a rude awakening...

  4. Thanks, Jean. It's been waaaay too long since I've had a good surprise. I'm overdue. So that means I get some really awesome news, right??? heheh

  5. Thanks, Tammy. I could not live without my Hoover. I've spent too much time in rentals and military housing. I'd be in trouble without my cleaner.

  6. Thanks, Bonnie. The rude awakening did get me moving though.