Monday, May 21, 2012

The place no woman likes to be...

The dreaded doctor visit.

Because there's nothing quite as embarrassing as wearing one of  those stupid paper gowns. I mean back in the day there were the cloth ones that had broken snaps and missing ties. They were bad enough, now there's paper. For what? To further humiliate us.

Of course, everything is like flash frozen for added comfort.

Oh, and there's always someone who thinks Muzak 80's regurgitated music is gonna make me happy. Sorry, listening to Blondie organ music only makes me want to kick someone.

You know what would relax me? Not waiting for like 45 minutes for the doc to arrive in the room. Because those cute, Eco friendly, hygienic paper gowns never ever fit right. Never.

So, yes, I'm off today to see the doc because what better way to start off the week. Love Mondays.

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