Monday, June 4, 2012

Mondays are going to the dogs...and cat

Pete's begging for cookies here.

The weight is going straight to his butt. I'm talking, his has vanished under the rolls of fat.
We're talking double wide backside. 
Now, as a good parent to my poor pleasantly plump dog, I have been busy trying to help him kick his cookie habit.
I tried. I really tried. And failed.
The cat bribes Pete and the other dogs with anything that happens to be on the counter.
Cake. Cookies. Bread. All the animals love bread. Meat. Veggies.
Anything edible.
And...some things that aren't.
I tried putting things inside the cabinet.
The cat got smarter.
He climbed in and liberated the potato chips while I was out.
So now we are all dieting.

Chasing my egocentric cat and cleaning up after my gluttonous dogs, was NOT the reason why I wasn't online.
But my blog gets little traffic as is so why bore the faithful few with my tedious mishaps. I'll save the more humorous moments for another time, but I can tell you all there were no broken bones this time.

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