Sunday, July 29, 2012

Thoughts under a full moon

I'm here. I have no clue where the month has gone. I've been crazy busy which is a good thing because it keeps my mind off morbid things. The only time I have free is sitting on the swing at night. I love the night, especially after midnight when the streets finally quiet down. It almost makes me think I'm back in the country. Almost.

Last week the streets were filled with sirens. I live in Aurora, fifteen minutes from where the theater shootings took place. In the past, my kids and I have been up there. I knew that mall. That theater. Now, Aurora has become a punch line for comics. The new poster child for guns laws. And politicians are suddenly interested in the city and our votes.

One thing has changed. I would describe people out here as being very solitary. They're not overly friendly and often keep their distance. It's not really a bad thing just different from growing up in NY and being down in Florida. But since the shooting, more people have looked me in the face and said hello, whereas before I normally had to greet someone first. I thought I was imagining this until someone else pointed it out as well. It took a tragedy for us to reach out to others.

But, sitting on the swing last night, I wondered, are they really trying to make a connection, or are they trying to decide if that person sitting next to them on the bus or at church is a monster.

Okay, maybe my thoughts are still morbid.