Monday, December 31, 2012


Follow the linky to my new weblog. And no, I don’t hate blogspot. I still highly recommend them to most folks starting a blog.

PS--I'll probably be deleting this blog here. It's just ... not really me anymore.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Trying again...test 5

Blogger, Picasa and I seem to be having issues. I hate messy breakups. So here I am trying to upload a picture.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Thoughts under a full moon

I'm here. I have no clue where the month has gone. I've been crazy busy which is a good thing because it keeps my mind off morbid things. The only time I have free is sitting on the swing at night. I love the night, especially after midnight when the streets finally quiet down. It almost makes me think I'm back in the country. Almost.

Last week the streets were filled with sirens. I live in Aurora, fifteen minutes from where the theater shootings took place. In the past, my kids and I have been up there. I knew that mall. That theater. Now, Aurora has become a punch line for comics. The new poster child for guns laws. And politicians are suddenly interested in the city and our votes.

One thing has changed. I would describe people out here as being very solitary. They're not overly friendly and often keep their distance. It's not really a bad thing just different from growing up in NY and being down in Florida. But since the shooting, more people have looked me in the face and said hello, whereas before I normally had to greet someone first. I thought I was imagining this until someone else pointed it out as well. It took a tragedy for us to reach out to others.

But, sitting on the swing last night, I wondered, are they really trying to make a connection, or are they trying to decide if that person sitting next to them on the bus or at church is a monster.

Okay, maybe my thoughts are still morbid.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Stopping to look at the rainbow

In the book of life, the answers aren’t in the back…..Charlie Brown

Hello internet world. Yes, I’ve been gone, looking at sunsets and rainbows. And cleaning up after my dogs because their…dogs. They tend to think the garbage pail is a second food bowl. It’s also been hot here. Hot like in the 100’s for the past few days. I don’t mean to whine but my house is not set up for central AC and the old swamp cooler finally gave up. How rude for it to do it during the hottest June that I can remember. Luckily, it’s not humid here because that would be ugly. But dehydration is a big issue even without the heat.
Besides being cranky about the temps, I’m doing well. I’m finishing up revisions for a short story and sending it off. I figured I wrote it so I might as well do something with it, right?
Also this week is summer camp so I’ll be busy helping out with a bunch of preschoolers. Preschoolers. Doesn’t that word just scare you?
Reading, reading and more reading because I know there’s an end to my TBR pile. Plus journaling. Journaling, for me, is my lifeline to my sanity.
Happy Monday!

Friday, June 8, 2012

If only...

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”
Albert Einstein  (1879-1955); Theoretical Physicist, Philosopher, Nobel Prize Winner

I’m sort of stuck at a crossroads about some things in my life. Neither turn looks especially good. In fact, it comes down to shades of gray. Don’t you hate that?

I think this is why I like writing fiction. Because I can abuse characters without shame and moneywise it’s cheaper than therapy.

As I type this, I have a lot of hesitance about my choices. In my younger days, I was impulsive. Stubborn. And, I made bad choices. Guilt and embarrassment nag me about some of them. I know it’s all a part of growing up and maturing, and trust me, if I had to do them over, I’d make some of the same mistakes again.

Did I say some? I meant a lot.

The ones where I might’ve hurt someone’s feelings because I was selfish, those are the ones I’d take back. But maybe because I can’t fix those with apologies, those are the moments that left me wanting to be a better person. (wow, I’m sounding like a fortune cookie. My apologies.)

Anyway, I ponder my choices, grateful that while both can end badly, there’s always tomorrow to fix them and move on.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Growing Pains

(By the way, I suck at titles in case someone didn’t figure it out.)

I know I mentioned earlier I wasn’t going to talk about writing as much, but sometimes my thoughts on writing edge over to real life.

A friend and I were talking about writing skills and storytelling yesterday. The only way to improve writing is to keep on writing. If you want to submit one day, the old saying is to write a million words first. You’d be shocked how fast a million words add up. So you know…it sounds like a lot, but you can get there.

Staying in your comfy world of writing romance, SF, fantasy or essay, will get you your million words, and it might work for you to become a better writer. But if you’re writing a million words, what’ll it hurt if you spice things up. Dare to be crazy. Dare to write something out of your comfort zone.

I started writing again by jumping into a short story class. In the past my short stories looked more like an awkward scene. ONE long scene.

Laugh. It’s okay. I still can’t believe I actually submitted a couple of them.

I’ve also read a lot of romances. I add love stories to longer works. No, I’ll never write for Harlequin, but it’s fun to add romance to a fantasy. And it’s hard work that takes practice. Like learning to weave tension. Or writing hooks for your openings and closings—and all the paragraphs in between.

It’s hard to teach or explain to someone about writing for a new genre, technique—or how to write a soul for a character. Before someone can be published, they face these difficulties and learn to overcome them. Most times writers each have their own ways of dealing with them.

It’s very much like life. There are no clean cut instructions on dealing with death, a child with a drug addiction, or how to live with a debilitating disease that won’t kill you but will make wish for death. Or when a freak accident happens, and lands you in the hospital. Those rejections that you keep hearing, start taking a toll on your spirit. There are plenty of books on the subject on how to overcome. There will be people who try to help you. But in the end, each person faces these hurdles differently. Success and failure often comes to down our own mindset.

As we face each challenge we grow in spirit, strength and courage. No matter how horrible the next heartache or tragedy, we pick up and go on—learning to deal along the way.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Mondays are going to the dogs...and cat

Pete's begging for cookies here.

The weight is going straight to his butt. I'm talking, his has vanished under the rolls of fat.
We're talking double wide backside. 
Now, as a good parent to my poor pleasantly plump dog, I have been busy trying to help him kick his cookie habit.
I tried. I really tried. And failed.
The cat bribes Pete and the other dogs with anything that happens to be on the counter.
Cake. Cookies. Bread. All the animals love bread. Meat. Veggies.
Anything edible.
And...some things that aren't.
I tried putting things inside the cabinet.
The cat got smarter.
He climbed in and liberated the potato chips while I was out.
So now we are all dieting.

Chasing my egocentric cat and cleaning up after my gluttonous dogs, was NOT the reason why I wasn't online.
But my blog gets little traffic as is so why bore the faithful few with my tedious mishaps. I'll save the more humorous moments for another time, but I can tell you all there were no broken bones this time.